Welcome To Coyote Sound!


Coyote Sound was born in the heartland of the Midwest, the progeny of several long-time enthusiasts of deep passion for all things “audio.” Our cumulative experience spans several decades in the fields of Audio Engineering, Broadcast Engineering, Technical Writing, Electronic Service & Engineering, Instrumentation & Process Control, Mechanical Design & Fabrication, Manufacturing, IT & Web Design and Customer Service/Technical Support. Most all of us play at least one musical instrument, while one is quite proficient in several.

Taken together, our cumulative experience amounts to 70+ years working and playing with all things audio – from simple system assembly to product design and manufacturing. Along the way we have also developed relationships with several prominent audio manufacturing entities & industry associates. which has broadened our resources for the future development of a Coyote Sound product line that is in the planning stages.

Considering the above, we feel that we are well poised to serve the audio public in this effort that we call Coyote Sound. Our goal is to be to our customers what we had always wished could have been our own experience with audio dealers over the years. This combined with the principles & ethics we were taught working as a kid in our father’s little country grocery store, and we believe we can offer the public a refreshing alternative to the Internet-era’s faceless and often, what we perceive as “less than ethical” practices. Once you get to know Coyote Sound you’ll come to find that some “real help & friendship” is still to be found alive and well here in this blessed USA… and just like a small pack of rogue coyotes… we’re going our own way. Won’t you join us?